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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Script

To display a list of frequently asked questions you have created using the FAQ administration script (below), you can use either the query string or form method. Insert one of the following pieces of code into your web page:
<a href="/cgi-bin/faqshow.pl/faqname/">link text</a>

This is the query string method and shows all the Questions and answers in your FAQ. You can include search terms in this method (see enhancements below).

faqname - This value is used to name this specific instance of FAQ. You can use any name you want, just restrict it to less than 20 characters, and refrain from using special characters. To create multiple FAQs, use different names.

Alternatively, you may use a form to perform a search on the FAQ as follows:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="/cgi-bin/faqshow.pl/faqname/">
<INPUT NAME="search">

This method provides a field where someone can enter a search string to search the FAQ. If a search string is provided, all question/answer pairs containing that search string will be displayed; if no search string is provided, the entire FAQ will be displayed. On the results page, all instances of the search string not within HTML will be bolded.


You can edit the "header" HTML (all HTML to be displayed before the FAQ questions), edit the "footer" HTML (all HTML to be displayed after the FAQ questions), and add a new question/answer pair by going to the following URL. Once a question/answer pair is created, you can edit or delete each pair, and you can shift their relative positions. The first time you use this link, a file with the name faqname will be created in your data directory ("web/data/faqname") to store FAQ information.
Keep this link on a private page; you don't want just anyone editing your FAQ!

  • To search across multiple FAQ files, replace faqname with a list of all the files to search, separated by commas. Ex: <A HREF="/cgi-bin/faqshow.pl/faq1,faq2,faq3/">. The header and footer will come from the first FAQ file listed.
  • You can include a search string in the query string display method. Simply include a "?" then the string to search for at the end of the reference. Ex: <A HREF="/cgi-bin/faqshow.pl/faq1/?chardonnay">. A search string provided by the user in an INPUT field takes precedence to a search string in the query string.
For an example see an entire faq... using the string request or

using the form method.
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