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Ad Server
We provide two methods for displaying ads. Under unusual circumstances, the Perl method may not match the link with the image correctly. This occurs when the ad script can't identify the IP or cookie of the visitor. If you don't mind using ColdFusion, this problem can be avoided. The disadvantage of the ColdFusion method is that your pages must have a .cfm extension instead of .htm or .html.


This script displays an image randomly pulled from a data file; when the image is clicked the web page associated with that image will display.

Use the following code:
    <A HREF="/cgi-bin/adlink.pl?datafilename">
    <IMG SRC="/cgi-bin/adserve.pl?datafilename">
... where "datafilename" is the prefix of a file called datafilename.data located in your "www/data/" directory. This file is a tab delimited text file that establishes which page URLs are linked from which images. The order for each line is as follows. First, enter the the full URL of the appropriate image, then a tab, then the full URL for the web page associated with that image, then a return. For example:
    http://www.icglink.com/burger.gif    http://www.wendys.com/
    http://www.icglink.com/fries.gif     http://www.icglink.com/fries/
    http://www.icglink.com/shake.gif     http://www.cnn.com/ap/shake.html
Change "datafilename" (in the code above) to the name of this data file. For example if the data file is called ads.data, datafilename will be "ads".

Note: If you are displaying ads on the page that is the result of a search using the search script, you can use the search script to display ads, too. That may be more convenient than using this script in conjunction with the search script. See the search script for more information.


The following ad will rotate between two different ads as you refresh your browser.


The instructions for this method are currently not available. Contact support for more information.
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