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Using Password Protection Management
In order to use our password protection option, you may first need to contact support to have an initial password assigned if it wasn't done when you first established your account. Once your initial password has been assigned, you may then access the password protection system.

To protect a folder, you will create users who are members of groups and assign the groups to folders you want protected. For example, let's say you want to add a user called BOND who is a member of the group SPIES, where SPIES are the only ones allowed to see the content in the SECRETS folder. You will add a user called BOND, add a group called SPIES and a folder called SECRETS:

Add SPIES as a new group and Password Protect the SECRETS Folder
  • Click Manage Groups & Folders
  • In the 1st area, add the new group -- SPIES
  • Click Add
  • Click Groups to refresh the Groups & Folders page
  • In the 2nd area's www section, change the drop box for SECRETS to SPIES to protect the area
  • Click Modify
  • (Note: If you have an ftp folder or sweb folder, you will find them here, too.)
Add BOND as a new user and make him a member of the SPIES group
  • Click Users or from the main menu click Manage Users
  • Click Add New User
  • Add BOND and his password
  • Select the group SPIES
  • Click Add
If you already had a user BOND and made a group SPIES
  • Click Users or from the main menu click Manage Users
  • Click Show Current Users
  • Click BOND's box and click Modify
  • Click the "SPIES" box
  • Click Modify
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