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Ongoing Maintenance & Update Service
Once you sign up for our update and maintenance service, you can use our contact form or send mail to updates@icglink.com.

Maintenance and Update Discount: You can pay in advance for updates and maintenance in addition to your regular hosting fee. This puts you on a schedule for a certain number of hours of maintenance and update time per year at a reduced rate; in other words, you pay less for our time than if you do your maintenance and updates at our regular rates.

How is it Applied? When we bill at the end of every month, we first apply any work done to the maintenance time you have remaining. Once that is used up, we bill at our normal rate for any additional work. If you don't use any time in a given month, then 0 hours are recorded in your history. If you do use time, that time is recorded and applies against the total. For example, if you had 2 hours remaining from your 12 in some month and you needed 3 hours of work, 2 hours would be charged to maintenance and recorded in your history and 1 hour would be billed at our normal rate.

How is it Calculated? It's much like rollover minutes that expire after 12 months. To see how much maintenance time you have remaining, we review the past 12 months of maintenance history. For example, at the end of June, we will add up all the time used from July of last year through May of this year. Any time left from your 12 hours is available to you during June.

Why Do It? The advantages of this method are that it allows you to have work done at reduced rates and to spread out the cost over time. You can use 2 hours in a month and nothing the next month and still receive a discounted development rate.
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