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Co-location and rackspace
We are happy to provide VMs for clients, but if you want your own hardware, we offer colocation and rackspace for clients in our cabinets in our Atlanta, Phoenix or Nashville data centers where you will appreciate the highest security and most reliable network connectivity available. We can install your boxes in our rack or purchase machines and set them up for you. We offer expert technical support for our rackspace clients with Linux/Unix operating environments and robust firewalling services for clients with Windows servers.

$150/mo1st U with .25Mbs of bandwidth at 95th percentile, two IPs per machine and DNS for your domain names
Extras:$50/mo each additional U
$125.00/mo per Mbs over commit (discounts available for higher traffic)
$1.00/mo each additional IP
$1.50/mo/Gb nightly backup to disk with weekly off site storage
Server monitoring and failure reporting (see below)

There is no setup fee as long as installation takes less than two hours. If it's more, our rate is $110/hour for additional time. We do not require a minimum contract, however, invoicing is thirty days in advance.

Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring and notification system offers email or pager notifications for various events that may occur on your colocated servers. We can check ping and HTTP to make sure your servers are up and running or we can do more. For instance, if you provide us with a test URL that pulls from a database, we can check to see if your entire system is working. We can also install software on your servers, at your request, that will allow us to monitor disk usage, cpu, memory, etc.

For notifications, you can choose an array of emails, pager numbers and time periods for receiving alerts. For example, you could receive emails for all alerts 24x7 and also receive pager alerts from 5pm to 9am. You can login to the system through a web interface to enable and disable notifications: useful for planned maintenance or downtime. You can also provide us with a list of emergency contacts, as a reference for our administrators so we know who to contact in an emergency.

Customized Service

We specialize in custom, personally tailored service, so if you have special needs or would rather have us own the machines, please let us know and we will develop pricing alternatives for you.
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