Here you can find our suite of powerful custom scripts that you can configure to make your web site useful, interactive and sticky to keep those visitors coming back. Please review these instructions thoroughly and give the scripts a try. If you need additional assistance, contact our support staff. If you need a script you don't see here, please let us know. We are interested in serving all our clients special needs.

NetMerchant - E-commerce shopping cart.

Form Script - Send mail, write to files, create online databases, perform calculations.

Search Script - Search online databases, report results in your format.

Replace Script - Edit or delete records from online databases.

Refer-A-Friend - Add this handy feature to any page on your site.

Discussion Board - Create an online discussion board.

File-Upload Script - Upload files from password protected / back-office areas.

Site Search - A complete web crawler and site search engine.

Poll Script - Create an opinion poll so visitors can vote on the latest hot topic.

Chat/Guestbook - Create an online chat or guestbook.

Random URL - Place a link to a random URL on your page.

Random Image Generator - Place a random image on your page.

Counter Script - Add a simple counter to your pages.

FAQ Script - Create searchable Frequently Asked Questions with highlited results.

Date Based Image or URL - Place an image or link based on the date.

Ad Server - Put banner ads on your page.